Feature – a new nothing

Text by Damien Maloney

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Daniel Everett and Maxime Guyon’s conversation is wild.  The second pairing, D.E. – 4/8/15 and M.G. – 4/12/15, introduces joysticks that look like advertising imagery but do not function as such.  Compared to other conversations on a new nothing, Everett and Guyon’s is in outer space.  So far removed from photos in the world, they exist in this vacuum of machine speak.  The joystick’s missing counterpart—hands—seem to warm the rest of their conversation.  Even though the images are very similar, the voice of the authors still comes through in each as distinct: Everett’s is critical, Guyon’s is a celebration.

Text by: Damien Maloney // Images by: Daniel Everett, Maxime Guyon


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